10 steps to get the glow back to dry winter skin

Winter is here, allthough it has been exceptionally mild so far, at least in Stockholm. That could change any day though, and I wanted to share some tips to help protect your skin from the cold weather, once it strikes (we all know it will).  With falling temperatures outdoors and central heating indoors, your skin can feel a bit dry and dull, even if you don’t normally suffer from dry or dehydrated skin. In this tutorial, I want to show you how to get some life and glow back to your skin, with the help of the right skincare and makeup. There’s no need to use the exact same products that I am using here – you can always swap them for your own personal favourites.


Steph – Misplaced Brit

Today’s beautiful model is Steph, who runs the blog Misplaced Brit. If you’re into gorgeous photos, yummy recipes and great parenting/life hacks, you should definitely check out her blog. Steph as a person is truly inspirational, and so is her blog. You can also follow Misplaced Brit on Instagram and Facebook.

Now, let’s start working on that glow.

Step 1: Exfoliation
Start out with a clean face. After cleansing, exfoliate your skin to remove dead skin cells. This will help your skin soak up any serums and moisturisers you put on even better. Here Steph is using the Elizabeth Arden Pro Hydration Peel pads. These are cotton pads soaked with lactic acid, glycolic acid and mandelic acid. They exfoliate and hydrate your skin at the same time. Just remember that on days when you are using these kinds of acids (also known as AHA acids), your skin may get a bit more sensitive to sunlight, so I advice you to add a sunscreen to your skincare routine those days. Not that there’s much sunlight to speak of this time of year, but just to be on the safe side.

Step 1_exfoliating pads

Step 1 – Exfoliation. Product used: Elizabeth Arden Pro Hydration Peel Pads

Step 2: Toner/face mist
Use a toner or a face mist to hydrate and soothe your skin after exfoliation. You can either use a face mist or dampen a cotton round and swipe the toner over your face. Here Steph is spraying Pixi by Petra Hydrating Milky Mist on her face – a bit wary of the spritz in the beginning :-).

Step 2 - Toner or Face mist

Step 2 – Face mist or toner. Product used here: Hydrating Milky Mist from Pixi by Petra.

Step 3: Serum 
After the toner, apply serum all over your face and neck. For maximum glow, I like to use an oil-based serum, like Serum Paradoxe from Beauté Pacifique, which contains squalane and grape seed extract.

Step 3 and 4 - serum and day cream

Step 3 and 4 – Serum and day cream. Products used: Beauté Pacifique Serum Paradoxe and Crème Paradoxe Anti-age

Step 4: Day cream
Once the serum is absorbed, follow with a hydrating and nourishing day cream. Here we have used Crème Paradoxe Anti-age from Beauté Pacifique, which is a deeply nourishing and repairing day creme. This is the last step of the skincare routine, and now it’s time to move on to the makeup.

Step 5: Primer
Apply a shimmery primer all over the face, or on specific areas you wish to highlight. I prefer to use primers that have just a subtle shimmer, and then keep building up the glow in layers with other products, rather than using a super shimmery primer straight away. Here Steph is applying Charlotte Tilbury Wonder Glow all over her face. Wonder Glow has a beautiful golden shimmer which looks very flattering on Steph’s olive skin tone. This is a high-end product, but several brands have great, more budget-friendly alternatives, for example Sleek MakeUP (or Lumene, if you’re in Scandinavia).

Step 5 - Primer

Step 5 – Primer. Product used: Charlotte Tilbury Wonder Glow

Step 6: Foundation
Once the primer has set, it’s time to apply foundation. I chose a very sheer, light-coverage foundation, since Steph has beautiful skin and doesn’t need a lot of coverage but rather just something to even out the skin tone. I also didn’t want the golden glow from the primer to be completely covered by the foundation. This is Pürminerals Liquid Veil 4-in-1 Spray Foundation, which is also a bit on the pricier side, but a lot of budget brands make great foundations, ranging from light to full coverage. One example of a good light-weight foundation is Miracle Match from Max Factor.

Step 6 - foundation

Step 6 – Foundation. Product used: Pürminerals Liquid Veil 4-in1 Spray Foundation

Step 7: Concealer
Since we used a sheer foundation, we go in with a concealer on areas that need a bit more coverage, for example the under-eye area. This is The Eraser Eye Instant Anti-Age Concealer from Rimmel. I’m not so sure about the anti-age function, but it does a great job of neutralizing and covering up dark circles under the eyes. The picture below shows the concealer before it’s blended. To blend, just use your fingers, a sponge or a fluffy brush and gently buff the product into the skin.

Step 7 - concealer

Step 7 – Concealer. Product used: The Eraser Eye Instant Anti-Age Concealer by Rimmel.

Step 8: Face powder
If your skin is very dry you can skip this step and only use cream products to create a nice glow. But if you want something to set your foundation, you can lightly dust a thin layer of powder all over your face, or the areas of your face where you tend to get a bit shiny throughout the day. I used a soft beige, light-reflecting face powder by Hourglass, which is included in this palette (top left), but is also sold individually. Hourglass is yet another high-end brand (I may need to look over my shopping habits), but great budget options are available, for example from Sleek MakeUP.

Step 8 - face powder

Step 8 – Face powder. Product used: Hourglass Ambient Lighting powder in the shade ”Dim Light”.

Step 9: Bronzer
Once the coverage is done, it’s time to add a little colour and dimension back to the face. To do this, use a light wash of bronzer to warm up the skin. You can use a shimmery bronzer or a matte one, depending on your preference. I often prefer matte bronzers, but since this look is all about that glow, I’m using a shimmery bronzer from the same Hourglass palette as above. Again, practically all budget brands will have a shimmery bronzer if you’re looking for alternatives, for example No7.

Step 9 - bronzer

Step 9 – Bronzer. Product used: Luminous bronze light from the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit Palette

Step 10: Blush
The last step is a touch of blush on the apples of the cheeks. You just need a light dust of a pink or light red colour to get those nice rosy winter cheeks, like you just came in the cold (but without the red nose). The blush I have used here is once again from the Hourglass palette. Allthough it is an expensive palette, as you can see it’s extremely versatile and you get a lot of product for your money. And the colours are really pigmented, so a little goes a long way. But if you are looking for budget options, you can check out the Cream Puff Blushes from Max Factor, who are also richly pigmented, add a beautiful glow and are a lot more budget-friendly.

Step 10 - blush

Step 10 – Blush. Product used: Hourglass Luminous Flush

And that is the finished result! A natural-looking, radiant face with tonnes of glow, without looking sparkly or shiny. You can either stop here and let that be your make-up for the day, or you can continue with eyes and lips, depending on your preference and time schedule.

Ten steps may seem like a lot, but really each step is super simple and quick, and once you get the routine down, you’ll be able to do it in less than 10 minutes, I promise! Now let’s take a look at the difference between the first step and the last, or the ”before” and ”after”.


Before …


… after!

8 tankar på “10 steps to get the glow back to dry winter skin

  1. Nämen oj, detta otroligt roliga inlägg har jag ju missat! Wow, bra jobbat, såå fint!! Blir så inspirerad att göra nåt liknande! Nåt i olika stilar. Tex för alla de som säger, men du vet ju att jag inte kan sminka mig…
    Tack för ett till toppeninlägg Therese! ❤❤❤
    Förresten, nåt du håller span på nu till julrean, kanske både i Sverige och utomlands? 😉
    God fortsättning till dig! 😚

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