Quick and easy eye makeup for New Year’s

Today I want to show you a super-simple look that you can wear for New Year’s Eve. Many of us love to get glammed up for New Year’s, but we don’t always have hours to spend on our makeup. Still, we may want to do something special, just to make it a little more glamorous than our usual everyday look.

Steph, also known as Misplaced Brit, is my model today. She is a mother of three, and I am guessing she doesn’t spend quite as much time on her makeup as I usually do, so I wanted to do something quick and easy that she can easily recreate herself. She usually wears quite subtle makeup, so I wanted to do an eyelook that is simple and not to heavy – but still fun and festive. And if you want to see how I did this glowy base on Steph, you can read all about it in my post about getting the glow back to dry winter skin. You can also follow Misplaced Brit on Instagram and Facebook.

Glowy Skin tutorial

In order to jazz up your makeup, you don’t have to do a full-on smokey eye or go crazy with the colours (unless you want to, of course). If you, for example, only use eyeliner and mascara for your everyday makeup, why not just swap your black or brown eyeliner to something more colourful or sparkly? You don’t have to learn a new technique or spend any more time than you usually do, but it will definitely make a big change from your everyday look! Many budget brands make excellent eye pencils in a wide selection of colours, so you won’t have to spend a fortune on new products, either.

Step 1: Eyeshadow primer
Apply an eyeshadow primer with your fingers. This will even out the skintone of your eyelids and help your eye makeup last longer. Here we have used the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion.

Step 1 - eyeshadow primer

Step 1: Eyeshadow primer

Step 2-3: Brows and eyeliner
Then apply the eyeliner in the colour of your choice, the way you usually do your eyeliner. Here we have used a shimmery, champagne coloured eyeliner from H&M.  Steph’s brows are filled in with a mix of black and medium brown brow powder from Make up Store.

Step 2 - H&M Colour Essence Eye Pencil - Grand cru

Step 2-3: Eyeliner

Step 4: Mascara
Apply your favourite mascara. If you like a little extra volume, you can use a volumizing mascara or add false lashes. The mascara used here is Mascara Terrybly haute croissance growth booster from By Terry. And that’s the finished eye look, in just four simple steps!

Step 3 - mascara

Step 3: Mascara

You can either wear this look with bare lips like this:

Finished look without lipstick

Finished look with bare lips

Or add some lipstick/lip pencil/lip gloss/tinted lip balm in your favourite colour. Here I coloured the whole lip in with a soft pink lip pencil. On top of that I added a beige, shimmery lip gloss.

Finished look with lipstick

Finished look with lip pencil and lip gloss

Now, if you want do do a little more than ”just” eyeliner and mascara, I’ll show you how to do so by adding just a few simple steps to the first look.

Step 4-5: Eyeliner and crease
Take the same eyeliner as before, but fill the whole eyelid in this time, all the way up to the crease. Blend the edges to get rid of any harsh lines. Use a cool-toned brown or a soft grey eyeshadow in the crease to add some definition to the eye. Here I actually used a taupe-coloured blush from NYX.

Step 4 - definition

Step 4-5: Eyeliner and crease

Step 6: Shimmer pigment
Finally, apply a shimmery pigment/glitter all over the eyelid. Here I used a duo-chrome pigment from Sigil Inspired. It has a cream-coloured base with a lovely pink/coral shimmer.

Step 6 - shimmer pigment

Step 6: Shimmer pigment.

And that’s the finished second look! A really simple and eye-catching look that’s perfect for the New Year’s party.

Finished look

Finished look. Photo credit: Misplaced Brit


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